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  • jakosc
    We are proud of our catering trailers, kiosks and pavilions manufactured to meet the individual customer needs. We offer also conversion of shipping containers into mobile bars and other forms of businesses.

    Do you want to grab your business success with us? It is simple. All you need to do is to consult our company representative, arrange a meeting or discuss cooperation details by phone. Just tell us what you have and what you need, and we will certainly do our best to produce your dream pavilion or catering trailer ideally suited for your business! Our company has worked with more than five hundred satisfied Customers.
  • wyroznia
    We use state-of-the-art technologies. Our catering trailers and pavilions are built using the highest quality materials. We know that only the supreme level of services and solid workmanship can work wonders. A combination of knowledge and quality is a perfect recipe for creation of different types of conversions, adjusted to the market and customer needs. We are open to any suggestions and ideas that you may come up with.We analyse all proposals and choose the optimum ones, both from the practical point of view as well as in terms of financial or industry factors. You may count on our advice and support at every stage of the order execution. We are here for you and fruitful cooperation as well as customer satisfaction are our priority.
  • interes
    Who are we? A young team with dedication for what we do, a family business with traditions and commitment to help your business reach new heights. We provide knowledge, experience and expertise at every stage of your investment. Our business is our passion, therefore working for you is a pleasure. We are constantly looking for new solutions to make our catering trailers and modern pavilions not only exceptionally visually attractive but also extremely functional to meet your requirements. We feel great responsibility for what we do, therefore we put our hearts and souls into every project. We are practitioners - theorizing has nothing to do with our business.
  • zamilowanie
    Our high flexibility, comprehensive consultancy service and ability to listen coupled with international experience ensure that every customer gets what they want. Nothing is impossible and with us, you can start a successful business right now. Please read our detailed offer and if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • zadowoleniee
    There is no arguing about tastes. Therefore our pavilions and catering trailers can be as varied as the tastes of our investors. We recommend that you should start working with a company that has been on the market for several years and can boast a great number of successful projects in its portfolio. Our modern kiosks are used as commercial facilities. They are ideally suited for: - selling fast food, - use in the confectionery/ ice cream business, - selling ready-to-eat food products, - selling flowers, - various forms of street trading. Pavilions have also found wide use among developers as mobile sales offices. Our products meet all the applicable standards and we assist all fresh entrepreneurs who start their business adventure for the first time. We do not provide our Customers only with ready-made products – a catering trailer or pavilion specially adjusted to their needs and requirements, but deliver a product that is fully adapted to a specific type of business, ready to launch your business even today. We specialize in creating unique and original designs that meet even the most demanding expectations of our Customers.


Please contact us by phone or via e-mail. We are here for you – check what we can do together today.

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