Before making such huge decisions on your own about setting up a street food business, we recommend you to first understand how the street food market works. is a source where you could take a start on setting up your street food business. With a great experience of setting up our customers’ business, we know how to choose the best and right type of street food venture for you according to your budget and investment. Let’s tell you some basics about starting up a street food business that you should know about.

Unlike any other business opportunity, street food business offers an individual a unique and realistic chance to start up their own business by investing a small amount with very low overheads costs and few restrictions. This is one of the reasons why you can see the trend of street food business in UK increasing every year. But to start up with something like that, here is what you need to know.

Firstly, your decision on how to sell your food will be based on;

  • Ideal demographic / location
  • Your own commitment to the business (full time or part time)
  • Your personal experience at running a business in a similar industry
  • The size of the business you want to begin with
  • Most importantly, your budget, startup money and potential for returns

Ideal Demographic / Location

Location and demographics play an important role in the success of your business. Such decisions depend on the law of the place you are starting your business and secondly on the traffic of people you can find who will be ready to try your food. Some places that can help the business grow are office parks, shopping malls and districts, empty lots, sports venues, festivals and events.

Your Own Commitment to the Business

The question you need to ask yourself first is, Can you handle the heat? If you can then you must again ask yourself whether you want a full time or part time work. Before that you should know that as easy as this business sounds, it actually takes a lot of hard work and passion. You need to start preparing hours before, get the ingredients beforehand and do all the things that one can’t imagine doing in a 10 by 10 truck or a kiosk.

Personal Experience

If you have an experience beforehand in the same kind of business, then you know you are doing well. If not, then you need to understand on first deciding what menu should you serve, perfect recipes, quantities per day according to the demand, testing of food, buying ingredients, licenses and permits and so on.

Size of the Business

Size of the business can also depend on the commitment you are giving to your business. If you want to work full time, you would want to expand your business and vice versa. Initially, one should come up with something unique and start from small. Should offer only a particular menu or kind of food and then later expand the business according to the demand of people.

The main thing before starting the food truck business is to see how much are you willing to invest and will that be enough? However, there’s no set formula to determine how much it would cost to start up a business but clearly you should first list down the things required for a street food business. E.g. Choosing the right kiosk or a catering outlet will be the first step.

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