Kiosk or trailer?

Here at MobileUnit, we are welcome those who are looking forward to start up their own street food business in the UK and will need some advice.

With the social dynamics today, the food trends are changing which is why the UK street food market has been growing year on year.

We make sure to offer our customers with custom made catering trailers according to your business needs, kiosks and pavilions for permanent street food locations. We can also provide them with our assistance in understanding how the UK trends of street food business works and what they should sell by helping them with layout and designing a business plan for them but before that one needs to understand about some key factors of the street food business in the UK.

Food trucks in the UK, also known as the food vans are different than the ones found in US. Most of these food vendors in the UK sell their food on the streets in carts, stalls, trucks, trailers and vans. From the past few years, the rise in the popularity of mobile markets and food trucks has been rising in the UK. It is because of trends like innovation, convenience, different experiences and provenance that people prefer, which is why the UK street food market has been growing dynamically. At this time the top city in the UK popularly known for street food is London.


Your location of setting up a food truck / cart / trailer plays an important role in in the success of your business. First, you have to consider where to park your kiosk according to the law of UK and Second, what place will bring in more customers to your stall. Some of the places where you could park and set up your venture are;

Office parks: figure it out whether you are allowed to park your truck in an office park where there is no such competition. Then find out what are the best hours that would increase your sales.
Empty lots: find out who owns the property and make an offer to pay a daily rate to park your trailer on a regular basis. This will give benefits to both parties, especially you as you will get a chance to establish yourself.

Shopping malls or districts: a shopping mall or a shopping district or parking lots are some best spots where you can set your kiosk or truck. Especially recently opened malls give you an opportunity to establish your business.

Popular tourist locations: the tourists spots is a great source and opportunity for your business, however, you may find a lot of competition there.

What can you sell? As a new venture, you can start up with selling ice-creams and beverages. But if you are looking for more options, here’s a list;
Special iced tea
Coconut water
Hot dogs
Minimal processed foods
Authentic ethnic cuisine
Locally grown produce
And a lot more.

Today, a new generation of street food lovers is increasing day by day, which itself is a business opportunity for someone who is looking to do something different. Most entrepreneurs have opted to make investments in the food kiosk business in the UK mainly because it has low overhead costs when comparing to a restaurant and can easily be moved to another place if the business is not generating good profits. Besides this, the cost of starting such business can be done from as low as 4000 pounds. Also, if you are selling something seasonal, you can always move away your unit and do not require paying rent for the whole year. In short, opening a street food business from the entrepreneur’s point of view is beneficial as it has low maintenance, cheap costs and requires less investment.

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